Connected AirWits CO2 RC1

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Connected AirWits CO2 utilising LoRaWAN technology is a Carbon Dioxide (CO2), temperature and humidity monitoring device for real and accurate indoor air quality monitoring. By default, our device measures and sends the readings every 30 minutes (configurable to more or less frequent) giving it an ultra long life time of up to 10 years and promotes savings on energy cost as high as 7-10%.

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Connected AirWits CO2 LoRa is a carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, and humidity metering device for real time and accurate indoor air quality monitoring with ultra low lifetime costs.

With adjust measurement and sending interval and easy installation, the device is perfect for green building certifications, ESG and HVAC monitoring requirements. Versatile, maintenance-free, ultra-low lifetime cost, and accurate. Overall, Connected AirWits CO2 with LoRaWAN technology is an ideal long-term solution for real and accurate indoor air quality monitoring, promoting ultra-low lifetime costs, and savings on energy expenditure.