What is this Privacy and Cookies Policy?

This Privacy and Cookies Policy is intended to inform you about how Connected Inventions Oy (hereinafter “CI”) treats personal information it collects from you. CI may update this Privacy and Cookies Policy from time to time. By continuing to use the services of CI after CI has modified the Privacy and Cookies Policy, you are indicating that you agree to be bound by the modified Privacy and Cookies Policy. If the modified Privacy and Cookies Policy are not acceptable to you, please cease using the services of CI. So please read it carefully and review the relevant pages regularly. Any reference in the Privacy and Cookies Policy to “you” or “your” means you as a registered or unregistered user of one of the services of CI. This Privacy and Cookies Policy applies to the use of all the services of CI and does not extend to any linked third party websites or services.

What personal information does CI collect about me?

Personal information that you give us

Personal information means any information relating to a natural person who is or can be identified, directly or indirectly, by reference to an identification number or to one or more factors specific to this natural person. To access some content and/or additional features offered by the services of CI, you may need to register as a user. While creating an account and your profile (and/or updating your account and your profile), we may receive personal information about you. This may consist of information such as your last name, your first name, the name of your company you work for, your position within this company, your business email, your business number phone, as well as information collected about your use of the services of CI. CI also receives, stores and processes personal information that you make available to CI when accessing or using the services of CI. Please note that CI will never ask you to provide sensitive personal information.

Log Data

CI may also receive, store and process log data, which is information that is automatically recorded whenever you access or use our services, regardless of whether you are a registered user or logged in to your account, such as your [IP Address, the date and time you access or use our services, the hardware and software you are using, referring and exit pages and URLs, the number of clicks, pages viewed and the order of those pages, and the amount of time spent on particular pages].


CI uses cookies and other similar technologies, on its services. Please refer to the appropriate section of this Privacy and Cookies Policy for more details.

How does CI use and process the personal information it collects about me?

CI will always use and process your personal information associated with the company identified in your profile page if available, and in accordance with Regulation (EY) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council. CI will use your personal information for a number of purposes including the following:

  • to enable you to access and to use our services
  • to deal with your requests and enquiries
  • to send you service, support and messages, such as reminders, technical notices, updates, security alerts
  • to contact you
  • for analysis purposes so that CI may improve the services it offers
  • to provide you with the most user-friendly navigation experience
  • CI may also use, process and disclose aggregated information (which is personal information about You that CI anonymises and combines together so that it no longer identifies or references an individual user), in particular for marketing and strategic development and analytical purposes

Does CI share my personal information with third parties?

CI will keep your information confidential except where disclosure is required or permitted by law (for example to government bodies and law enforcement agencies).

How long does CI keep my personal information?

CI holds your personal information for as long as is necessary for your activity on our services or as long as the service provided by CI is still executed under any relevant contract you hold with CI. If you stop using our services or if your account is canceled, your personal information can stay on the system for a period up to one year for administration purposes before being deleted or anonymised.

How can i find out what personal information CI holds about me?

You have the right to request a copy of the personal information CI holds about you and to have any inaccuracies corrected. CI may require proof of identification to verify your request. We will use reasonable efforts to supply, correct or delete personal information about you on our files. Please address requests and questions about this or any other question about this Privacy and Cookies Policy to [CI:n yhteystiedot, posti ja/tai sähköposti].

How does CI use cookies?

A cookie is a small amount of data, which often includes a unique identifier that is sent to your computer web browser from a website’s and is stored on your computer’s hard drive. Each service of CI can send its own cookie to your web browser if your browser’s preferences allow it. You can use the settings within the browser to control the cookies that are set on the computer.

Information supplied by cookies can help CI to analyse the profile of users of our services and help us to provide you with a better user experience. CI uses this type of information to help improve the services it provides to its users. Please note that during your visits to our websites, you may notice some cookies that are not related to CI. Cookies can be created by our website or come from third-party websites. CI does not control the dissemination of these cookies and you should check the relevant third party’s website for more information. If you wish to control what cookies are set on your device through CI websites, then you can find out how to do this on your browser. You acknowledge that if you change your settings and block certain cookies, this means that certain features of our websites or of our services cannot then be provided and accordingly you may not be able to take full advantage of all of the websites’ or services’ features. Your web browser may also provide CI with information about your computer, such an IP address and details about the browser that you are using. CI uses information provided by your browser or by the link that you have clicked to understand the webpage that directed you to our websites and this may be captured by performance cookies.

General Terms of Service for Corporate Customers


These General Terms of Service (hereinafter ”Terms”) of Connected Inventions Oy and Connected Finland Oy (2902019-5, 2716911-3) hereinafter ”CI” or ”Supplier”) are applied to all services and devices supplied by CI, unless expressly and in writing otherwise agreed between CI and the Customer. In these Terms Customer refers to a legal person (company or other entity), who purchases services and/or devices from CI.


2.1. Time of delivery

CI must begin the delivery of the service at the agreed time or, if the time of delivery has not been agreed on, within a reasonable time from the date of the agreement. CI is not responsible to any delays in the delivery of the service, if the reason for the delay is the Customer’s actions, such as a delay in the delivery of information and/or materials that are needed for the delivery, or if the reason for the dealy is a force majeure. In such a case the delivery time is extended, until the factor preventing the delivery has been fixed or removed.

2.2. The customer’s duty to comply

The Customer must without delay provide CI with the necessary and correct information for the performance of the service. The Customer must notify CI of any changes in the provided information and any other factors that affect the service. The Customer is responsible for the information, directions and orders that they give to CI.

2.3. Accepting the delivery

The Customer must inspect the functionality of the service and the devices potentially related to it immediately after delivery. The Customer must notify any non-functionality or other error or deficiency without delay. If the Customer has not notified the error within seven (7) days of the delivery of the service, the delivery is considered accepted by the Customer. Despite any reclamation the delivery is considered accepted, if the error or deficiency is not relevant for the use of the service or device.


3.1. Production of the service

CI produces the service in the way they deem appropriate. CI reserves the right to use subcontractors in the production of the service. The geographical coverage of the service has been provided on a directing basis and the provided coverage does not constitute a binding coverage area for CI. CI does not guarantee the availability or quality of the network in the coverage area, unless otherwise agreed in a separate service level pledge in a service/device delivery agreement.

3.2. Right of use

The Customer receives a right of use to the service delivered by CI, as described in the agreement/service description. The Customer uses the service at their own responsibility and is authorized to use the service only in their own activities, eg. as part of their own services. Unless otherwise expressly agreed, the Customer is allowed to sell, resell, lease or assign the service (or a part of it) to a third party, and to act as an intermediary of the service. CI is not responsible if the service does not suit the purpose of use of the Customer, unless otherwise expressly agreed. If the Customer has assigned the service to be used by a certain user or a third party, the Customer is responsible towards CI for the requirements of the services or their use.

3.3. The Customer’s devices and software

The Customer is responsible for the acquisition and functionality of any devices, telecommunications connections and software not included in the service description. Likewise, the Customer is responsible for any device and other configurations and settings that affect the use of the service.

3.4. Data delivered through the service

In these Terms, Data refers to the messages that are delivered through the devices, the communications network and/or FoxerIoT and Airwits Insight software platforms produced by CI. The Customer is responsible for all the Data delivered through the service, including electronic information and messages. Since CI does not monitor the Data delivered to a third party or obtained from a third party through the service, CI is not responsible for the availability or illegal or offending content of the Data. CI is not responsible for any damages caused by the potential delay, modification or disappearance of Data transferred through the service.

3.5. Processing personal data in the service

It is prohibited to transfer any personal data, as defined in Regulation (EY) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, through the communications network.

The FoxerIoT or Airwits Insight software platform is not intended to be used for processing the personal data of the Customer’s own customers. Any processing of such data, where CI would become a processor as defined in Regulation (EY) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, must be agreed on separately between CI and the Customer. Alternatively, the Customer must anonymise the personal data before adding it to the FoxerIoT or Airwits Insight software platform, so that it cannot be connected to a natural person.

3.6. CI’s and their supplier’s right to process information related to the service

CI and their suppliers have the right to collect, process, transfer, administrate and store information related to the service for the following purposes: to deliver the service or to improve the service or the features of the service. The collected information can include technical, statistical or analytical information related to the service or the use of the service, and the information can be transferred outside the Customer’s country of domicile for storage, processing and using purposes. When the Customer is located in the EU, the collected information is stored and processed in the EU.

3.7. Limitations to the service

The Customer accepts and agrees to comply with regulations that bind CI, including the regulations of ETSI, as well their own special requirements, including among other (i) the maximum amount of messages at 140 messages per day, max. 12 bytes per message; (ii) the prohibition to use the network to record or transfer slandering or otherwise illegal material, or to record or transfer material that infringes a third party’s right to privacy; (iii) the prohibition to disturb or infringe the integrity of the network; (iv) the prohibition to obtain or attempt to obtain an unauthorized access to the network and to the systems related to the network; and (v) the prohibition to transfer personal data in the network. After receiving information from CI concerning the infringement of the above-mentioned limitations or requirements, the Customer must immediately disconnect the device in question. If the Customer does not comply with such an instruction, the device in question can be disconnected from the network without notifying the Customer.


4.1. CI keeps the service operational in accordance with these Terms, unless expressly otherwise agreed on with the customer

4.2. The service is considered to have an error, if it significantly differs from the features defined in the agreement and this makes the use of the service significantly more difficult.

4.3. The error must be notified in accordance with the service level pledge in the service agreement (SLA) and using the contact information notified in the agreement.

4.4. CI fixes the errors in accordance with the service level pledge in the service agreement. Errors can also be fixed separately, derogating from the service level pledge, and CI can invoice service charges for the maintenance work in accordance with the current price list.

4.5. CI’s responsibility for the error is limited to fixing or re-delivering the faulty service that CI is responsible for. CI is not responsible for fixing errors and disturbances that are caused by reasons for which the Customer, other user or third party is responsible, such as incorrect use of the service, omission or neglect to comply with the instructions for the use or maintenance of the service, or by devices, software, settings, specifications, connections or other factors not included in the service but which are necessary for the use of the service.

4.6. The error is considered corrected, when the service works in the parties’ joint tests, or when the Customer declares that the service works, in any case after three (3) days have passed after CI notified the Customer that the service works.


5.1. CI has the right to interrupt the production of the service temporarily, if it’s necessary for construction, repair or maintenance work. CI notifies the Customer about the interruption beforehand, if it’s possible within reason.

5.2. CI also has the right to interrupt the service or delivery entirely or in part in the following situations:

  • (i) The Customer does not, after receiving a payment notice, pay their overdue payments within 14 days of the day the payment notice was sent;
  • (ii) The Customer has been placed under liquidation or reorganisation, declared bankrupt or the Customer has otherwise been considered insolvent;
  • (iii) The Customer does not comply with the agreement terms;
  • (iv) The Customer cannot be reached for the purpose of resolving a matter related to the agreement;
  • (v) The interruption is necessary for the public order or national security;
  • (vi) The Customer’s use of the service disturbs the network or other users; or
  • (vii) By a decision of a public official or a court of law.

5.3. Interrupting the service does not affect the Customer’s liability for payments.

5.4. CI can charge a fee for re-opening the use of the service in accordance with CI’s current price list.


6.1. The Customer pays the fees for the service and/or device delivery in accordance with CI’s current price list or a separate agreement between CI and the Customer.

6.2. The invoicing is performed in accordance with the terms of the service agreement. The payment term is 14 days net from the date of the invoice. The late payment interest is the benchmark interest rate defined by the European Central Bank added with seven (7) percent units. A fee is charged for a payment reminder in accordance with CI’s current price list.

6.3. If the Customer has anything to claim about the invoice, the Customer must present a written notice (payment reclamation) and provide accurate information about the things, which CI is required to correct or clarify, before the due date. In spite of the reclamation the Customer must pay the clear an undisputed portion of the invoice before the due date.

6.4. The prices included in the agreement and the price list do not include value added tax (VAT 0 %). The current value added tax and other possible administrative fees will be added to the prices mentioned in the agreements. The Customer is responsible for paying the value added tax and other possible administrative fees.


7.1. Changes to the services

CI has the right to implement changes that affect the technology and use of the service, provided that the service level as a whole does not decrease. CI also has at all times the right to alter the service due to mandatory legislation or administrative regulations or if the change is necessary or required by a change in the products or licensing terms of the device or software supplier. These kinds of changes do not allow the Customer to terminate the agreement. If the changes require changes in the Customer’s devices or software, the Customer is responsible for the costs caused by such changes. CI will attempt to notify of changes that affect the Customer.

CI has the right to terminate the production of the service or its features for reasonable grounds, provided that the service level of the service delivered to the Customer does not decrease as a whole. In such a case CI has the right to terminate the agreement concerning the terminated service or feature by notifying the Customer in writing at least one month before the termination.

7.2. Changes to the prices

CI has the right to change their general price lists and fees that are charged for the use of the service. CI notifies the Customer about the change at least one month before the implementation of the change, for example in an invoice, notice or otherwise in writing or in an electric format, with the Customer’s last notified billing address or e-mail address. In addition, CI always has the right to change their prices due to a change in legislation or government decision or other extraordinary change of circumstance. For clarity’s sake it is stated, that the prices for a fixed agreement period cannot be changed unless the parties in writing so agree.


8.1. The parties agree to keep confidential any information and material provided by the other party, that have been tagged as confidential or that are clearly to be understood to be confidential, and to not use them for anything except for the purposes of the agreement. The non-disclosure obligation does not concern, however, information and material, which (a) is publicly available or otherwise public, or (b) the party has received from a third party without a non-disclosure obligation, or (c) was in the possession of the receiving party without being binded by a non-disclosure agreement concerning them or receiving them from the other party, or (d) the party has independently developed without utilising the information or material received from the other party. The party is allowed to disclose the information and material only for employees, for whom it is necessary to receive them for the purpose of performing or utilising the service in accordance with the agreement.

8.2. The parties must immediately stop using the confidential information that they have received from the other party and, if the disposal of the material has not otherwise been agreed on, return all copies of the material in question, when the agreement is terminated or when the party no longer needs the material or information in question for the purpose of the agreement. Both parties, however, have the right to store copies of the material if required by law or government regulation.

8.3. Both parties have the right to use the professional skills and experience that they have acquired during the term of the agreement.

8.4. All rights and responsibilities related to this section 9 will remain in force for two (2) years after the termination of the agreement. For clarities sake the parties state, that all non-disclosure obligations mentioned in this section 9 are binding on all staff and subcontractors of the parties. The parties are responsible for the commitment of all their employees and subcontractors to these non-disclosure provisions.


9.1. The Customer understands and agrees that, when ordering the services, they might disclose some personal data from their personal data register to CI, and that CI becomes the controller of the personal data in question. The Customer is responsible for having the authority to disclose this personal data to CI for the purpose of the agreement and for informing their employees and other registered persons in accordance with the applicable data protection regulation. CI complies with the applicable data protection regulations in the processing of the personal data in question, and CI processes the personal data only on documented instructions from the Customer unless required to do otherwise according to the law. For the sake of clarity, ordering the services is regarded as documented instructions for processing personal data. CI’s processing of the Customer’s personal data is based on a contractual agreement with the Customer, and the nature of processing is storing the personal data for Customer.

9.2. Any personal data will only be collected from the Customer themselves for the purposes of using the service. The data will only be processed within the EU in cases where the Customer is located in the EU. CI will store the data for the duration of the agreement with the Customer and remove any potential personal data of the Customer without delay and at the latest two (2) months after the termination of the services. The personal data will not be disclosed to third parties and without a prior authorisation of the Customer.

9.3. The Customer has the right to request CI to amend and/or remove the personal data stored in the service, as well as to limit the processing of the data. The Customer has the right to request CI to transfer the personal data from the service to another service, and to cancel their approval to the processing of personal data, without the cancellation having any effect on the legality of the data processing prior to the cancellation.

9.4. CI implements appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure the security of processing. CI’s personnel are under a statutory obligation of confidentiality. CI makes available to the Customer all information necessary to demonstrate compliance with relevant data protection legislation and assists the Customer in ensuring compliance with the obligations relating to the rights of the data subjects.

9.5. The Customer has the right to file a complaint regarding the personal data processing of CI to the Finnish Data Protection Authority (“Tietosuojavirasto”) or to the data protection authority of the habitual residence of the data subject.

9.6. If the parties wish to agree otherwise on any provisions under this section 10, it must be done through a separate agreement, if allowed by applicable legislation.


10.1. CI, or a third party, with whom CI has executed the necessary licensing and user rights agreements, as well as any other agreements authorising the delivery of the services or devices, owns all intellectual property rights related to the services and related software, material, as well as rights to the work related to the performance of the services and the material resulting from such work, and they will not be transferred to the Customer in any part.

10.2. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, the Customer receives the right to use the service and the material related to it for the term of the agreement and to the extent necessary for utilizing the services during the term of the agreement in the internal use of the Customer, unless otherwise agreed. The Customer agrees to comply with the licensing and user terms of CI’s subcontractors, suppliers and other third parties and not to infringe on their intellectual property rights. The Customer shall not remove, edit or cover the copyrights, trademark or other intellectual property marks in the service.

10.3. The parties are not allowed to use each other’s names as references without the other party’s written consent.

10.4. The parties are both responsible on their part, that their activity or services don’t infringe on a third party’s intellectual property rights.

10.5. If a lawsuit is raised against the party or they are presented claims based on the claim that using CI’s service infringes on a protected copyright or other intellectual property rights in the agreed country of delivery or use of the service, CI will arrange the Customer’s defense in a manner they deem appropriate and compensates for the damages that the Customer is sentenced to pay. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the agreed country of delivery and use is Finland. CI’s responsibility requires, that i) the Customer notifies CI of the claims in writing immediately after receiving the information about them, and ii) authorises CI to handle the matter, and iii) provides CI with the necessary information and assistance.

10.6. In case the intellectual property infringement under section 11.5 becomes enforceable or CI considers that an infringement is likely, CI has the right and obligation at their own cost and discretion either obtain the Customer a right to continue to use the service or a part of it; trade the object of delivery to a similar one; or to alter the service, that the infringement ends and the service remains in accordance with the agreement. In case none of the aforementioned options is possible to CI with reasonable terms, the Customer must by CI’s request stop using the service and the object of delivery and return it. In such a case CI compensates to the Customer the price paid for the service, reduced with an amount that corresponds with the time the service has been used.CI can also terminate the agreement for the part of the service in question with immediate effect and stop producing the service.

10.7. CI is not responsible for intellectual property infringements or claims, that a) are presented by a party which has control over the Customer or over which the Customer has control in a bookkeeping sense; b) are caused by using the service against the terms of the agreement, a change made by the Customer in the service or object of delivery, or by complying with the written instructions of the Customer; c) are caused by using the object of delivery together with a product or service not delivered by CI or against CI’s instructions; d) could have been avoided by using a similar product or service that has been published or offered for use to the Customer by CI; or e) concern something else than a service, software or part of a service produced by CI.

10.8. CI’s responsibility for intellectual property infringements is limited to what has been described under this section 11.

10.9. The Customer is responsible for acquiring all necessary rights and compensate to CI all damages caused by intellectual property infringements.

10.10. For clarity’s sake it is stated, that all rights to the Data belong to the Customer and/or their end customers.


11.1. Either party is not responsible for any delays or damages, that have been caused by an obstruction beyond the party’s influence, which the party cannot be reasonably expected to account for at the time of entering into the agreement and whose consequences the party also could not have reasonably avoided or overcome. As a force majeure is considered, for example, a new legislation or government regulation binding on the party, damage caused by a third party, excessive voltage in the electric grid, an interruption in public transport, telecommunication or electricity, an interruption in the delivery of energy or other necessary goods, fire, thunder, storm, earthquake, water damage, flood or other comparable force of nature, war, rebellion or national conflict, strike, lockout or other comparable employment dispute, or other equally effective and unusual cause that is independent of the party. The party, whom the force majeure has faced, is responsible for immediately notifying the other party of the force majeure and the removal of the force majeure and for taking all the available means to remove the force majeure and its effects.

11.2. If the force majeure lasts for at least 72 hours, both parties have the right to terminate the agreement with a one (1) month term of notice without any party having the right to claim damages.

11.3. An obstruction caused by CI’s subcontractor, supplier or licensor is seen to be a force majeure to CI, if the subcontracted or licensed service or performance cannot with reasonable costs or without reasonable delay be obtained from elsewhere or performed in another way.


12.1. Each party is responsible for compensating the other party for immediate damages that they have caused to the other party, with the limitations of this section 13.

12.2. Neither party is not responsible for any indirect damages, such as decrease in profits or non-claimed profits or benefits.

12.3. CI’s responsibility for damages suffered by the Customer are limited as follows:

  • (i) Liability for an error in the service is limited in accordance with sections 5.4 and 5.5;
  • (ii) if repairing the error or re-performing the service is not possible or economically feasible according to CI, CI responsible for compensating to the Customer the immediate damages caused by CI’s negligence, which the Customer can prove to be real, with the restrictions presented below;
  • (iii) the maximum amount of damages to be compensated is the service fees charged for the faulty or delayed services or part of it over the previous 12 months;
  • (iv) if CI has an obligation to specifically late payment interest, service sanction or other compensation, CI has an obligation to also pay compensation only for the amount that exceeds the amount of late payment interest, service sanction or other compensation. The maximum amount is determined in accordance with the liability limitation under this section 13.

12.4. The Customer must claim compensation from CI in writing within one month of the time the error that the compensation is based on was noticed or should have been noticed, or in the case of devices and other one-time deliveries, of the delivery.

12.5. The liability limitations under this section 13 are not, however, applied to intentional or grossly negligent actions of the parties, or to infringements related to sections 9 (non-disclosure) or 12 (intellectual property rights). The liability limitations do also not apply to damages, which the Customer has caused by assigning, copying or using the service or the object of delivery against the agreement or law.


13.1. Neither party has the right to assign the agreement to a third party without being provided a written consent from the other party beforehand.

13.2. In spite of section 14.1 CI has the right, without the Customer’s consent, to assign the agreement entirely or in part to an entity that is part of the same company group as CI, as well as to a third party, to whom the business activity or network control intended in the agreement is transferred. CI will notify the Customer about the transfer beforehand.

13.3. CI has the right to transfer the receivables based on the agreement to a third party. After the Customer has been notified of the transfer of receivable payments can only be made to the entity receiving the receivables.


14.1. In addition to what has been agreed in the agreement between the parties, the agreement can be terminated as follows:

  1. With a mutual agreement between the parties;
  2. Each party has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect, if the other party has infringed or infringes the agreement substantially and has not corrected their conduct within thirty (30) days of receiving a written notice about the matter;
  3. Each party has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect, if the other party has been declared bankrupt, placed under reorganisation or other insolvency procedure, or if the other party executes an accord with their creditors or it is obvious, that the other party can no longer fulfil their duties under the agreement, or when required by government regulation or legislation.

14.2. In addition, CI has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect either in whole or in part and to interrupt the delivery of the service, if i) the service has been shut down by the Customer’s request for over than 6 months; ii) the service has been interrupted for a reason mentioned in section 6 for over 6 months; iii) if the Customer’s payment is overdue in spit of a payment notice delivered by CI for over thirty (30) days after the original due date; iv) the Customer is guilty for mala fide or fraudulent conduct. CI’s termination of the agreement for these reasons does not terminate the Customer’s obligation to pay the fees until the end of the term of the agreement.


15.1. Export limitations. The Customer agrees to comply with the applicable export and import legislation and regulation. Especially, but not limited to: export and re-export (a) to any country under US export restrictions or (b) to anyone on the US department of treasury’s specially designated nationals, denied person’s list or entity list. The Customer also agrees not to allow the use of the services to any purpose that the applicable legislation prohibits, including without limitations, the development, design, production and manufacturing of missiles, nuclear weapons or chemical or biological weapons.

15.2. Exclusivity. The Customer is not authorized to build or operate a publicly available Lora or other technology’s IoT network and to sell user rights to willing parties. The Customer is allowed, however, sell a service that also utilises other IoT networks, such as the Lora network.


16.1. These Terms are valid indefinitely from 28.9.2016.

16.2. CI is allowed to modify these Terms. The Customer will be notified of the new Terms at least one month before they become valid. Unless the need for change is caused by a change in legislation or government regulation or is based on a ground specified in the agreement terms and if the terms are changed to the detriment of the Customer, the Customer has the right to terminate the agreement for the service in question starting from the validity of the new Terms by notifying CI in writing.


17.1. This agreement is governed by the laws of Finland, except for the provisions of the Information Society Code (917/2014) articles 116-123.

17.2. The parties agree to negotiate of a peaceful solutions immediately after a dispute arises.

17.3. Any disputes arising from this agreement, unless they are solved through negotiations, are decided with binding effect in the district court of Helsinki.

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