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AirWits Insight

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A turnkey solution of IoT devices and a one-stop-shop indoor air quality monitoring platform allowing premise owners and managers to manage, analyse, and ensure air quality is visible to everyone.

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Born from a number of pain points – pandemic, growing demand and pressure, increase in public awareness, and lack of access to data, AirWits Insight champions ever user, premise owner, and manager with high quality indoor air quality data monitoring and management.

Powered by a simple user interface and smooth user experience, AirWits Insight centralises all your indoor air data and fulfils control over what data is monitored, managed, and presented. Without proper care, indoor air is a global issue concerning everyone, meaning companies can lose up to € hundreds of thousands annually, even up to millions, on sick-leaves or energy consumptions alone.

Using AirWits Insight brings these benefits – possibility to optimise indoor air environments, levels of energy consumption, provide a more productive environment, reduce sick leaves, comparability with predetermined thresholds from for example World Health Organisation and other entities, ensure smooth and trusted re-openings, powerful and simple to digest public displays.